2017 - The Year That Was and The Year Ahead

Colletion | Jan 04, 18
2017 - The Year That Was and The Year Ahead

Ahhhh 2017, the year that brought us wiggly eye brows, glittery underarms and excessive nose hair....

The Kylie Jenner trend saw people annihilating their lips with anything they could suck onto them for that lustrous pout - (top tip - nothing non invasive is going to do that ladies, glad she finally admitted what we were all thinking. Good girl!)

Tear Away and Side-Snap pants made a comeback and just a general 90's feel was about. I was a child of the 90's and I'm not sure much of that needs revisiting... Think fuzzy blonde hair, desperate need of braces and a sweet tooth like nobodies business. You get the picture! Pre-teens and teenagers are so much more sophisticated now. Personally I think thats a bit scary! Put down your phone, go play ponies and enjoy having no responsibilities!

I'm intrigued to see what 2018 brings. Here at Vogue Effects it certainly has been busy - we launched in the 3rd quarter of 2017 with a few products. We've stuck with 2 keepers - the Eyeliner Stamp which has absolutely taken off and our 24K Gold Eye Masks (I love these things - Wearing a pair as I type!

My partner never gets this. "Why are you always using them, you don't have wrinkles or bags".

My reply " Prevention!!! Prevention I tell you!" They help reverse signs of aging in eyes that have issues so I would rather minimize the potential damage than try pick up the pieces later!

This year we're planning on expanding the brand with a few new products and expanding where we are retailing. I think its going to be incredibly busy!

I've included a youTube video on 2017 trends from the ladies at Beauty Break who review all sorts of beauty products and trends for a bit of a giggle :)

Thankyou to everyone who has supported us so far and please join us for the adventure of 2018!! It's going to be a good one :D

Teresa xx



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