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What does 'Lovoir' mean?

Lovoir is the amalgamation of the word 'Love' and the french word 'Voir' meaning 'to see'.

And thus we stand behind our brand name and message which is to 'Love what you see!'


Lovoir is a New Zealand based company with 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. We are constantly researching and refining our products to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and most beneficial products. 

The founder of Lovoir works within the industry every day with access to the latest and greatest of ingredients and technology. It is these advances in the industry which keep it interesting as the results can only get better! Its becoming very clear that maintaining the appearance we desire can take a lot longer than many of us have!

We aim to bring results, previously only achieved by expensive and time consuming spa treatments, into your homes at a fraction of the cost. Feeling as though you look and feel your best is that one step closer.


Let us be your beauty secret!