Colletion | Jun 12, 18

Creating Illusions like elongating your nose, making your eyes bigger or face younger, Makeup can be your best friend or your worst walking nightmare.

Even with a team of makeup artists, celebrities still sometimes manage to get things very wrong.


Top 5 Celebrity Makeup Faux Moments


Lindsay Lohan

This is one of the worst Celebrity Makeup Fails that just keeps, in Public!

When you're giving the side-eye as if you're cheekbones are on fleek, here's a permanent reminder of what not to do!



Vogue Effects



Lesson #1: If you do your makeup in poor lighting, always check to see what it looks like in broad daylight.



Drew Barrymore

What's the definition of a Shock? Yellow eyeshadow and a dark lipstick shade.


Vogue Effects



Lesson #2: Yellow eyeshadow can be a great accent, only when its the right tone for your skin complexion and is applied correctly.

Demi Lovato

Spider eyelashes, bright red lipstick, and suncream! Demi, it’s a 911, contact @vogueeffects.

Vogue Effects


Lesson #3: Whether you're using silica powder or a HD powder, less is more.  Apply just enough to temper your t-zone, so for your selfie flash moments, none of it will 'show up' on your skin Use Sparingly, and NOT as setting powder.



Memories, watercolor memories of the way things were! Ashanti, Breakup 2 Makeup... Indeed.

Vogue Effects



Lesson # 4: It's all about hues and shades. For those of you starting to play with clashing makeup at home, we suggest starting with one color per feature, such as blues on eyes, orange on the lips, and so on.

Keep it light with paler colors and sheers as your primary focus and bold to add contrast to one facial feature.


Sofia Vegara 

So, MAC has a Lipstick called No Faux Pas, but clearly, Sofia, unfortunately, fell prey to the curse of the joker from batman style instead.

Vogue Effects


Lesson #5: In the battle for long-lasting lip color that isn't drying and that stays in place, a great technique is to apply lip liner over the entire surface of the lip.

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