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The Best Eye Makeup Colors for your Skin Tone

Jun 10, 2018

In Eyeshadow, Color exists, but not every color suits every shade of our skin tone.

Wearing an eyeshadow color that compliments your skin tone is the key to creating beautiful eye illusions that make your eyes pop and your complexion glow.

Find your skin tone below to discover which eyeshadow colors will best suit you.


Fair Skin Tones

Vogue Effects

With fair skin, it can be tough when it comes to eyeshadow options.

INDULGE: Warm, earthy colors like gold and bronze always suit light skin tones, as will taupe, rose gold and champagne hues.

Softer shades of plum and green can also be worn in shimmery finishes, as they will still lighten up the area. 

AVOID: Neutral shades blend straight into a fairer skin tone, and reds and pinks can make you look tired or ill.

darker tones like grey can give a bruise-like finish. highly pigmented colors and bright hues can look too harsh against fair skin.


Medium Skin Tones

Vogue Effects

Medium skin tones contain enough beige undertone to always appear slightly tanned.

INDULGE: Anything warm and illuminating is ideal (think bronze, copper, honey, and gold), and highly pigmented and metallic finishes will also complement your skin tone.

Rich blues stand out on a warmer medium skin tone, and we think cool undertones, greys or lavender is the secret to enhancing your eye area, add to that a fierce @vogueeffects wing tip and your ready.

AVOID: Pinks and reds as it washes out the gold in your skin and competes with the vibrancy of your hair.


Olive Skin Tones

Vogue Effects

With the versatility to play it safe or go bold and bright Olive skin tones can experiment with a wider variety of color. 


INDULGE: Golden browns will play up your natural skin color, but rich jewel shades like royal blue, emerald green, rich plum or burnt orange will really make your complexion pop.

Apply your eyeshadow dry for a subtle finish, or apply it using a wet eyeshadow brush for a striking, intense finish.

AVOID: There aren't many colors to avoid though brown, mauve, and beige may give a washed out look.



Dark Skin Tones

Vogue Effects

Dark skin tones have the freedom to go bold with eye makeup color.

INDULGE: Rich eyeshadow colors like a vibrant true purple or bright indigo blue, especially when applied wet, will pop against your skin for a more intense finish.

For day, try shimmery shades of burgundy and warm metallic golds, which are good neutral choices for your skin tone.

AVOID: Anything ashy or pale, and variants of blue, pink and green, because they may make your eye area look dull. 

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